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Concrete Raising

Sinking concrete? Don't replace it, raise it.

Concrete Lifting St Cloud, MN


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Say No to Costly Concrete Replacement

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Don't let uneven concrete ruin your property's look, value or safety. Northern Concrete Lifting, LLC is an established concrete leveling company based in Pierz, MN. We use an innovative spray foam technique to restore sunken concrete to its original state.

Polyurethane concrete lifting is a method used to raise and support sunken or unstable concrete slabs by drilling holes and pumping material under the slabs.

Trust us to level your driveway, patio and any other concrete slab area. We even offer concrete foundation repair services in St. Cloud, MN and the surrounding areas.

3 dangers of uneven concrete

If you've noticed a section of sinking concrete on your property, you should contact a concrete leveling company as soon as possible. Uneven concrete...

Creates a safety hazard:

Injuries from tripping on uneven concrete range from skinned knees to cracked skulls.

Lowers property values:

Potential buyers will look at damaged concrete and request a lower sale price.

Diminishes curb appeal:

No one likes the look of jagged concrete and pooling water.

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Explore the benefits of concrete lifting

There's no comparison between replacing and lifting uneven concrete slabs. As an alternative to concrete replacement, concrete lifting is...


Avoid the high cost of labor and materials involved in replacing sunken concrete.


Tearing out old concrete and pouring a new floor can take weeks of work, while our method takes less than a day.


When your home or business becomes a construction site, accidents are bound to happen.

Count on a concrete contractor who's been HMI-trained and -certified in concrete lifting. Call us today to set up an appointment in St. Cloud, MN or any of the surrounding areas.


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